Thursday, February 19, 2004

Re: Poker Blogger Intern Needed

Every since the infamous Poker Blogger Intern Needed post, I have been getting some great responses. Here is the original blog:
Poker Blogger Intern Needed...

Responsibilities will include: writing up detailed reports of fellow poker bloggers bad beat tales, driving me to Atlantic City and Foxwoods, finding poker related articles on the web, searching out loose live games in card rooms around NYC, dealing poker at home games, taping various poker shows on TV, spell-checking my blog, crank calling Phil Hellmuth, and sending Iggy pony kegs of Guinness.

Must have: basic knowledge of poker, a sunny temperment, and a car with a CD player...

And the funniest responses:

1. Paris, a Tao of Poker fan from Miami (via Toronto) sent me this unexpected e-mail a week or so ago:
Hello, I am enjoying your well-written site immensely. Like yourself, I enjoy playing poker and my favourite venues are the poker rooms at The Bellagio and The Mirage. Texas Hold'em is also my preferred game. I smiled when I read about your (wistful?) post for a poker intern. It actually appealed to me on several levels and I thought I would run my qualifications by you... (smile).

Writing: I have a knack for painting pictures with words. Others have thought so too and published a few of them.

Research: You can't write effectively without that tool. Add six years (and counting) of University studies and I am confident in that realm. Ditto the spellchecking ;)

NYC rooms and dealing cards: I was press-ganged into dealing poker and blackjack at two different ones by my cousin who still runs them. Unfortunately, I no longer live there. Nobody is perfect ;)

How do you stop the time blinking on your VCR: No need...TIVO works great for all your recording needs and playback on my 61" HDTV lets you see every "poker face" in detail.

Beer Provisioning: A good friend who owns a bar in Glasgow can supply all the fresh Guinness one might desire. If Iggy is very good, he can also have an authentic Guinness bar mat for his counter.

Phoning Phil: He won't know what hit him... there are crank calls by men but then there are calls from women... piece of cake... (smile)

Driving: I have the most gorgeous Lexus convertible that I treated myself to when I moved to Miami two months ago. Unfortunately, the operative word is Miami and won't help you out for AC and Foxwoods.

At any rate, thanks for the good read. I go to Vegas at least 4 times a year... perhaps we will share a table some time. Cheers, Paris

Dear Paris, At first I thought someone was playing a prank on me... but then I realized that you are who you say you are! Thanks for your e-mail and your offer to be my intern! You got the job! Glad that you like the site... maybe I'll see you in Vegas in 2 months! See ya, McG

2. HDouble wrote:
In response to your ad, I feel I'm a great candidate for the job. I already spend many hours a day reading blogs, and I am very familiar with the drive to Foxwoods. I may not have the sunniest of temperaments, but I make up for it with my ability to use physical violence if anyone threatens my boss. I'm asking for 40K a year in chips at Foxwoods, as well as a place to crash in the City. I look forward to working for you, Mr. McGrupp.

Dear Mr. Double, I loved your response... especially the "ability to use physical violence" part!! I could always use two or three interns! Hop aboard! See ya, McG

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