Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Schanzer's Mini Tahoe Trip Reort

My old friend, Jon Schanzer, recently sent me this e-mail about his latest visit to Tahoe:
"I played about 1.5 hours worth of Hold 'em at Harvey's Casino in Lake Tahoe over the weekend (I think it was on the California side of the street). It's a small room with about 10 tables. You either play $3-6 or $4-8. Lot of guys coming off the slopes for some free drinks and a chance for $$$. At my table, we played with a guy who had come in 2nd place in a tournament the week before. He wasn't all that. I reraised him a few times with a mediocre two-pair hand, prompting him to fold. (Yes, I felt like a tough guy). Anyway, the action was good, environment ok, and coffee terrible. I didn't play long, because I was with my pops - and when we're in a casino together, it's all dice, all the time. Still, another good poker venue to know about, if you're ever skiing in Tahoe."

Great write-up! I'm looking forward to meeting Schanzer in Atlantic City next month. If you don't know, I went to college with Schanzer and we were fraternity brothers. We played a lot of cards in school especially Spades. Alas, Schanzer was my Spades partner and we were one of the best teams in our fraternity. I used to play poker at his apartment, where he lived off campus with his three-legged cat Smooth and my other buddy Jerry. Anyway... Schanzer is a terrorism expert and is interviewed on TV frequently. He appeared on FOX News this morning and talked about his recent trip to Iraq. No poker games to report because he was interviewing Al Qaeda prisoners for his upcoming book on Al Qaeda. He also interviewed a high ranking Iraqi intelligence officer. Man, I've never been more proud of the guy!

Anyway, you can read an excellent article that he wrote called: Ansar al-Islam: Back in Iraq. It's an highly educational read! He posts all of his articles on his blog: Schanzer's Garage.

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