Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Tao of Poker
"The universe is the unity of all things. If we attain this unity and identify ourselves with it, then the members of our body are but so much dust and dirt, while life and death, end and beginning, are but as the succession of day and night, which cannot disturb our inner peace. How much less shall we be troubled by worldly gain and loss, good-luck and bad-luck!" - Chuang Tzu

This blog is named the Tao of Poker... a variation and off-shoot of my original blog Tao Pauly. The Tao or Dao as it is written in Chinese texts... is simply "the way". So you can say my blogs are really... The Way of Pauly and The Way of Poker. Kinda cool right? Well there is a quote on my main blog, also from Chuang Tzu and that reads:
"Tao is the thing that accompanies all other things. Its name is Tranquility amid all Disturbances..."

You should replace yourself with the Tao... I mean... You are the answer and the key to inner peace in a world of insanity. Poker is a dangerous and unpredicatble world, but with proper discipline and mental toughness you can be that bundle of calm energy in the middle of the chaos.

I hope to bring some more poker related philosophy to this site and talk about Chuang Tzu some more. If you don't know, Chuang Tzu is a Chinese Taoist from (approx.) 300 B.C. and his followers wrote a text called: Chuang Tzu. He focusses on the benefits of inaction and followed the Tao-te-Ching, but took its philosophy to extremes. He was a staunch believer in abandoning concern for power, wealth and fame... and to follow a simple life, and "distrust ethical and political schemes". Most importantly, he urged people to follow their instincts.

More to come...

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