Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Whew... What an Hour!

I got knocked out of a multi-table NL tourney this afternoon (finished 89th out of 786... KO'd after my AK lost to a A-3 suited and the fucker caught the flush on the river)... after I grinded my way for 2.5 hours. It hurt because I was playing very well.... tight, but aggressive. I'll blog the details later.

Then, I played in a $10 SNG only to get slapped around when my K-8 suited lost a race with a J-4! Anyway... I was not ready to give up. My last 3 $10 SNGs have been unkind to Pauly after I finished in 5th, 6th and 5th! I took up HDouble's advice and played a $25 NL Ring game... and that was the best choice I made all day! Within one hour, on two different tables, I walked away up $57!! For a nice hourly win rate... and logged out up $40 for the day! I got some ridiculous hands... which I'll blog the details later as well. One table was shorthanded... like 5 of us for a good fifteen minutes, so I left that table and joined one with 8 players... and that's when I caught a nice run of cards!

Anyway, thanks again to HDouble for suggesting those soft games! Here's what he wrote last week:
1. NL $50/$25 Ring: The true grinder's game, the lower limit ring games on Party are full of passive pre-flop players, who are happy to go in with top pair. In many games, you will find 7 or 8 people limping in for the minimum bet. In a no-limit game, this is the grinder's dream. Just sit and wait for the nuts or near nuts, push all your chips in, and double up when one or more players calls. The implied odds of multiway pots are through the roof if you can be pretty sure that you can get one caller to the showdown. Just think, you can play 25 hands for $1, and only have to flop a big hand (and get at least 1 caller) once to double up. Not a bad hourly rate. The downside is that this style of play is barely poker-- almost no strategy, and very little risk, but it will get you the money in the long run.

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