Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I Wish I Had That Teacher!!

All I have to say, is deal me into that 3rd Graders' Tournament! Can you say... little fishies? Ok, so it's not really poker... and just Cribbage, but hey these kids are smart, they'll pick up Hold'em right away. 3rd Graders' Math Skills Are in the Cards is written by Cathy Grimes. Here's a bit:
On Fridays, the riffle and slap of cards shuffled and played punctuates the chatter in Wanda Parks' third-grade math class. Students sit around desks pushed together to form tables, holding cards like seasoned poker... An adult at each table offers hints and encouragement as the students shout out numbers and occasional cries of triumph. By third grade, students are adept at solving math problems on paper and explaining their work....

Parks said other third-grade teachers are interested in teaching their students the game. If other classes learn it, the school may hold a tournament later in the year.

Wow... that's all the poker blogging community needs... is more blogs. From nine year olds! What do you think they'd write?

A Sample Poker Blog... Little Johnny's Poker Tales
Today Sally and Timmy got into a fight when she called him a "chicken shit turd" after he sucked out a flush on the river to beat Sally's pocket Queens. We all made fun of her until she kicked Timmy in the balls and ran off in tears. I don't know why we let her play. Girls don't know how to play poker. I got all my high pocket pairs cracked, and when I finally found Big Slick on the button... recess was over! I lost all my lunch money and half of my allowance already this week, and my mom is gonna be mad at me again! I need a comeback. I hear the kids at the Catholic school have more money to burn and their games are a lot looser. Maybe I can get into that game...

Welcome to the world of a nine year old grinder!

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