Friday, February 20, 2004

New Poker Blogs

There are some new blogs out there that I am finally linking up. I just got around to reading the new ones. Check them out.

1. College and Poker is a poker player from Iowa named Eric. His site is the "poker exploits of a poor college student." Thanks for the link up!

2. Poker for the Masses is run by Chips. Here's the tagline for his site: "And when I say "Masses", I mean fish." He has a cool Jerry Garcia related quote up today. Thanks for the link up!

3. The Daily Grind is another great site. Thanks for the link up!

4. Poker Flatulence is "the consequences of playing too much online poker..."

5. Single Malt Poker is an online poker player. He has a link to his other poker site that cover his local games.

6. Ralph Nader Chocolate Jam is an online player named Dave.

7. Ace Sloth is a poker player from Alabama.

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