Monday, February 02, 2004

Too Many Blogs... So Little Time

I was reading about how HDouble, Iggy, and Grubby were having problems finding enough time to blog, play poker, and have a normal life. I am always confronted with that problem. Living in NYC... time is extremely important. I feel as though I am always on the clock and always on the run! I am fortunate that I am an insomniac, so reading up on poker blogs is something I do late at night when I can't sleep. But not everyone has sleep issues like me.

For years I have been saying on my main blog that I need an intern... some college guy from NYU or Columbia that I can boss around and not have to pay them a salary or health insurance. His (or her) duties would include summarizing all my favorite blogs and websites. I took this idea from one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes... the one when Kramer gets a kid from NYU to be his personal intern for his faux business Kramerica. I mentioned this to Haley the other day and in true Haley fashion with some newfound NY sarcasm, she blurted out, "You need to have a real job to get an intern!"

Ouch! We all can't be the daughter of a semi-famous actress! She was kidding of course. When I told her that she could use "my guy" to run errands for her, like pick up dry cleaning, buy cheap ciggies on the internet, photocopy scripts for her, or return late movies... she quickly warmed up to the idea. I decided to post an add to Craig's List or to the Village Voice. I will glady loan out my intern to any of you guys... kind of like a guest caddy.

Poker Blogger Intern Needed...

Responsibilities will include: writing up detailed reports of fellow poker bloggers bad beat tales, driving me to Atlantic City and Foxwoods, finding poker related articles on the web, searching out loose live games in card rooms around NYC, dealing poker at home games, taping various poker shows on TV, spell-checking my blog, crank calling Phil Hellmuth, and sending Iggy pony kegs of Guinness.

Must have: basic knowledge of poker, a sunny temperment, and a car with a CD player...

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