Monday, February 23, 2004

Monday Morning Musings...

First Draft Complete

I finished the first draft of The Baby and Winky Movie sometime Saturday night. The screenplay is 217 pages. It's a monster! The original manuscript, Sweet Nothing: The Baby and Winky Novel, was only 52,000 words and the screenplay is 3,000 words less... after I cutout several sections. The formatting makes the screenplay longer. I'm going to post more specifics later this week to my regular blog, in addition to a writing sample.

Happy Pauly

Now it's time to celebrate. There's another home game tonight hosted by Ferrari. I'll talk to Rick from Rick's Cafe & Ugarte's Poker Grovel tonight about his thoughts on last night's event.

Parting Thoughts: About Last Night

Alas, the NYC boys did not do so good, with Rick busting out 31st and me out soon after in 23rd. But the Jersey boys kicked ass. Sean and Tight Pocket played strong. Is there anyone else I'm forgetting from the area? I hope maybe I can get together with those guys sometime... I'll drag Rick and Ugarte down to AC for some pokerblogger-fishfry at the Borgata.

I also want to say that I was unable to say hello and talk with everyone. I apologize! I tried my best and I did not recognize names/sites/faces... I did not get the chance to meet-and-greet everyone. Next time I hope there's a forum where we can all talk.. kinda like a Loser's Lounge where I can watch Iggy do keg stands of Guinness, get commentary from Phil Gordon, and share bad beat tales with my fellow bounced bloggers.

I'm sure you'll agree the first event was very hectic and there was almost too much to handle at times. I was jacked up on herbal supplements, trying to watch 3 or four tables, chatting with the guys at my table, and playing my crappy 7-7 against the table bully HDouble... all at the same time! I would have overloaded if I put on Sex in the City: The Final Episode.

Until then, see ya. McG

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