Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Home Game Correction

Felicia kindly pointed out to me that I messed up my poker lingo. So much for my excellent punctuation! Anyway, here's what she wrote me:
Wow, you confused me at first with this one! First of all, if you're rolled up with aces, that means AA/A, not AA/x. So your doorcard couldn't have been low, it had to have been an ace.

Secondly, if Rick had an ace doorcard, you couldn't have been dealt another ace on fourth, unless the deck had 5 aces!

Third, I can't believe you didn't know whether you were playing Stud or Stud 8. LOL, silly!
Wow, Felicia you are so right! Thanks for keeping me in line. I should hire you to the Tao of Poker staff as a consultant. I will correct that post ASAP.

The actual hand went something like this: Pauly had AA/x-A.. and Rick had xx/A-K up until fourth street. And I knew what game we were playing at the time... however, when I was quickly writing up the report, I could not recall what game was called since we played both Stud and Stud 8 Hi/Lo over the evening. I might be a tad burnt out... but I'm not that burnt! Lol... Thanks again!

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