Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Iggy Archives #1

Since my favorite poker blogger Iggy is on hiatus, I figured I'd dig deep into the archives of the Iggymeister and find some gems to re-read in order to get my Iggy fix. Here's a great post called Big Blue Poker that made me laugh... about the time when Royal joined Iggy and they headed down to the Bluegrass Poker Series. Here's a bit:
"Royal" came down from Michigan on Friday evening. We ended up hitting Century Inn for some prime rib, beers and baseball. The prime rib and garlic mashed potatoes were the perfect foundation for some heavy drinking...

Ended up playing heads up NL versus Royal and beat him two outta three. That was the highlight of my weekend because he is a superior no-limit player. I'm just a limit grinder. But after about twelve beers, it's just easier to move-in everytime than to use any type of strategy and anyone who knows me knows that beer = my spinach. Like Popeye.

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