Wednesday, February 11, 2004

NYC Poker Babe in Vegas...

NYC Poker Babe is in Vegas this week for the shoe convention. She hit the tables at the Bellagio last night and played until sunrise. Here's excerpts of her first night at the tables:
I just got back from playing $4/8 hold'em at the Bellagio -- it is 6:15am and I have been playing since around 11pm. It was about a 1/2 hour wait... I went to an event tonite for a shoe company where they had a table with a dealer teaching the game of poker... of course I knew more than the dealer -- how pathetic is that? They were trying to tell me that the betting started with the small blind....jesus! I was so annoyed... but the best part of the event was that they gave us a $100 chip and since we were at the Hard Rock and there's no poker there I cashed out the chip and took my new 100 dollars to the Bellagio.

I won some great hands -- can't remember all the logistics... I just remember that I got a full house early on by holding AK -- huge pot... but also lost on pocket aces at least once. I played so many hands I can't remember the good ones. At one point I had over $250 in chips which is pretty good considering it was a $4/8 game -- but how could I quit when it was still so early? plus I felt justified in playing since it really wasn't my money to begin with. So after almost 7 hours I went down to zero. I lost a few big hands to flushes, full houses, etc., folded a hand at the river when I had pocket 10s and there was a K on the board on the flop and someone kept betting into the pot so I folded the best hand (it turned out to be a full house -- if i remember correctly the 2 people left in the pot had pairs lower than mine). Then I slowly bled for a while then came back a few times. Lots of fun -- can't wait for more tomorrow (or I guess it's later today). Have just enough time for a quick nap as I have to go to the shoe show at 10am. Great.

P.S. the nails are a big hit at the table!

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