Saturday, February 07, 2004

Taking Down Moneymaker

Do you think you can beat Chris Moneymaker? Show up today at the Boom Town Casino in Reno... and give it a shot! Over one hundred people show to challenge Moneymaker is written by Beryl Chong. Here's a bit:
Moneymaker started playing poker three years ago on the Internet. He had to borrow money from his father and a friend to go to Las Vegas so he could get comfortable playing on a table.

"It was the greatest 'Cinderella' story of the decade," said Joseph Bennett, poker manager for eight years at Boomtown. Moneymaker was at the Texas Hold'em Tournament on Friday night. It continues today at the Boomtown Casino and Hotel and gives poker players a chance to play against the champion. A total of 120 people put their names in a drawing for a chance to play against Moneymaker. They paid $20 for the entry fee and $100 for $500 in tournament chips.

Felix Martinez brought four hand-rolled cigars he'd made for his "hero."

"I gotta beat you," Dwaine "Lucky" Lehr said to the 2003 champion as he shook his hand. Lehr's wife, Judy, said her husband had spent hours watching him on television to learn Moneymaker's style.

The funniest part of the article was the guy who brought Moneymaker cigars. Geez, if I win a major tourney, I hope that adoring fans show up with hand-rolled "cigars"... (wink, wink)!

Cheech & Chong Thought of the Day: By the way if you mix up the first few letters of the author's name who wrote this story: Beryl Chong... it becomes: Cheryl Bong.

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