Friday, February 06, 2004

Iggy Was Robbed!! Pauly Pulls a Ving!

I have not seen such foul play... since Roy Jones, Jr. lost the gold medal to that Korean boxer, Si-Hun Park, in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Alas, the Godfather of all poker blogs... Iggy from Guinness and Poker was omitted from the TOP 10 Poker Blogs list. I was furious! And I shot off a not-so-nice e-mail to the insane minds behind that list, filled with plenty of New York sarcasm and cherished wit, scorning them for their obvious mistake... leaving off the best poker blog on their list! Alas, I expect them to take down my site after reading 'said' e-mail. Maybe then, Iggy will get his well deserved spot!

Anyway, to emmulate the actor Ving Rhames's generosity to veteran actor Jack Lemmon at the 1998 Golden Globes... I hereby hand over the #3 spot and my Golden Globe over to... Iggy! You deserve it, buddy!

If you have no idea about the Ving Rhames-Jack Lemmon reference, here's some background information:
The actor ably demonstrated his capacity for abundant generosity during the 1998 Golden Globes ceremony when he handed over the award he had just won for portraying the title character of the cable film Don King: Only in America to fellow nominee Jack Lemmon, simply because he felt Lemmon's contributions to film exceeded his own.

Alas, I am grateful that I was conisdered in the Top 3... and congrats to everone that made the list! And if you didn't make it... well, that's nothing to fret about. I read your blogs almost everyday... and will continue to do so... so that's all that matters, right? Keep up the good work.

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