Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Adjusted Odds... Tao Loves The Fat Guy!

Alas, Iggy and HDouble shot down the opening lines on the first poker bloggers tourney!

HDouble said:
"I think my buddy Pauly may need to lay off the wacky tobacky-- he actually listed me as the favorite in the Blogger tournament. Surely he couldn't have been sober when he posted these odds..."

Iggy wrote:
"Pauly posted odds in the tourney but he's way off-base. Felicia, BG, Lord Grezsdlkdklf, Royal and many of the talented new kids were left off that list. I agree with Hank, everyone goes in at 9-2."

I only had a few confirms when I made the list! I did not mean to offend anyone if I left them off the list. So guys, here you go... the new and revised version of the Grubster Poker Classic.

The Fat Guy 3-1
Felicia 4-1
Grubby 4-1
The Penguin 4-1
Iggy 4-1
HDouble 9-2
Lord Geznikor 9-2
Royal 9-2
Ed from Openers 9-2
Boy Genius 9-2
Chris Halverson 5-1
London Froggy 6-1
Pauly 10-1
Tight Pocket 30-1 (his odds!!)

I dunno who else is playing? When I get a full roster, I'll sit down with HDouble and we'll figure it all out. But alas, after humble HDouble suggested he wasn't the favorite, my money is now on The Fat Guy! Why? He's from Texas... and we're playing Texas Hold'em... and as one of my ex-girlfriends (a spitfire of a gal from central Texas) once said in her adorable drawl... "Paw-leeeee, don't even think about messin' with Texas!!"

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