Monday, February 23, 2004

Grublog Poker Classic... Pauly Takes 23rd Place

I had a great time playing with my fellow poker bloggers! There were 32 players (each forking over $20) for a prize pool of $640. First place took home $256! And the first six places paid out.

Cngrats to: Mean Gene who took home the first WBPT event! He edged out The Fat Guy who won a hand with four Kings! Wow... I was rooting for the Fat Guy!

Alas, if you don't know... Mean Gene is also running for President! He'll now have some more campaign funds! Congrats again to Mean Gene, the Fat Guy, all my fellow poker bloggers, and expeically to... Grubby, who hosted this event!

The Final Table:
1. Mean Gene
2. The Fat Guy
3. Anisotropy
4. Poker Code
5. Grubby
6. Poker Penguin
7. Felicia Lee
8. Love & Casino War
9. Life of Falco
10. The Cards Speak
HDouble had a mini-write-up on his site. Here's what he wrote about me:
Poor Pauly. I made a loose call with J2h in the big blinds, and flopped J2. Pauly called me to the river with his pocket 9s, and it didn't leave him much room to work with. Pocket 9s seemed to be the big loser this tourney...
Actually I think that I folded Q-Q to HDouble's J-2 two pair! It was not happy to do that, but HDouble had been bullying me all night! I'm sure that fellow NYC player Rick was busted on 9-9. He caught his set on the flop and lost to a straight on the river.

Here's some of the funniest chatter of the night when The Fat Guy went all-in against Mean Gene:
Penguin: jeez - I fold another hammer, the flop would have been a winner
Penguin: I'm an idiot
grubby: there's a move!
McGrupp: whoooo hoooo gl fatguy
Penguin: he's got nothing
Mean Gene: this is a toughie
Penguin: I saw him wink
thefatguy: lol
Dealer: Take it down thefatguy ($2245)
CDF12345: he winked with his asshole
McGrupp: nice!
CDF12345: like a talented stripper
shftleft: you can say asshole but not ****
Dealer: Please keep all table chat clean!
thefatguy: you don't know how talented my asshole is, sir...

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