Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I am a slug...

I am still under the weather and managed to get the screenplay up to 63 pages. I cut a few scenes already to save time. Will definitely be working all weekend. Hope to have the first draft done by the time I sit down to play in the Grublog Classic! I finally signed up, by the way. I see that there are 17 of us so far.

Yesterday... Bad Beat City, USA

I played a couple of NL SNGs to prep for Sunday. Alas, it was a harsh day at the tables. I played a lot better than Monday, but got a slew of bad beats. I got knocked out first in one of the SNGs! That has never happened to me before. I had A-A in the little blind. A guy in early position (second or third) bets 2x the BB. I raise 4x the BB. He goes all-in... this is the third or fourth hand of the game!! Well, I got A-A so I call. He has J-10 off suit. Guess what? Flop: 10-x-x. Turn: x. River: J. Ouch... I quickly e-mailed HDouble my bad beat and he responded:
Dammit! You played this guy like a fiddle... why the f--k did he come back over the top of you?? Ah well, these are the guys that make us money. Great play by Pauly, bad result.

And I can't believe you let Haley bluff you!
Alas, it felt good to be consoled. And yes, I realized that my "street cred" has been ruined by Haley's Bluff.... which was a serious indication that I need to work on bth my poker game and my relationship. The word is out... damn the internet! Even poker players in China now know that I play loose and that I can be bluffed.


I took a break after writing all night to play in a 10:30 am EST multi-table NL tournament ($5 + $1) on Party Poker. That would be my last time to play online before the Sunday blogger tourney. I came in 89th last week, and this week there were over 827 entrants. First 90 places pay in the money and I was determined to grind my way to a Top 50 finish.

Alas, I played super tight and my K-Q suited took down J-J. It was a scary flop: A-K-10... I went all on the river when a King fell to give me a set of Kings... then it go ugly. My Q-Q went up against an A-J suited AND pcoket aces... the A-A knocked us both out. I played only two hands in 90 minutes... and ended up 292nd.

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