Sunday, February 29, 2004

Erratic Pauly

The last two weeks have been hectic for me with work and personal stuff going down. And I am not pleased to say that my poker play had suffered. Even my blogging has been spotty espeically this past week. My bankroll took a $300 hit in the last 2 weeks... and this is something I will address tomorrow in a new entry. If I had a terror warning color coded level alert... we'd be at bright fuckin' red.

The good news is that I am done with writing projects for a few weeks, so I can come back strong and pay full attention to poker and get my bankroll back up for my trip to Vegas in April. My run will begin tomorrow night with a rematch with Swish at Ferrari's Monday night game. On Tuesday, I'm driving up to Foxwoods with my brother and we're meeting Senor who booked a room for Tuesday night.

Alas, tonight is the Oscars... and Haley's having her annual Oscars party. I'm gonna be running a Oscars pool with her guests and I hope to collect bigtime making side bets. Yes, I will try to coax some of her intoxicated guests into playing a few hands of no limit hold'em. Struggling actors have tons of cash on hand... tip money from their jobs as bartenders and waitresses.

The Oscars are a huge event in Haleywood. To my dismay, I was given a choice by Haley earlier this week... wear a tux or shave. And guess what? My face feels as smooth as a baby's butt! And now I don't have to wear a monkey suit all night. I'm not a label whore and proud of it!

My favorite: Bill Murray... bet the farm on the guy. No way those old foggies at the Academy are going to vote for "a commie-pink-bastard like Sean Penn" for best actor.

Hopefully there won't be any catfights like at Haley's Golden Globes party. Stay tuned...

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