Friday, February 13, 2004


I tired to deposit money again to Chocie Poker... after my credit cards were routinely declined... and I even tried to use my ePassporte account that I set up Party Poker with... only to get stiff armed a second time. Then I got stuck dealing with those nimrods over at I attempted to use two credit cards and both were declined. Felicia suggested using my checking account, but I am too paranoid these days, I don't want anyone to have access to my banking information.

Alas, I talked to a nice customer service rep at Choice Poker and he suggested I try Western Union. Which I'll do on Monday or Tuesday. The odd part is that I have to send the money to some woman in San Jose, Costa Rica. At least it's not Bogota, Colombia!

So far I saw that ten people signed up... including Sean from Anistropy. I'm sure we'll get more next week, including me. When I get some more names, I'll come up with the odds. Beware, I'm picking up the slack in my No Limit game...

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