Monday, February 02, 2004

Grublog Poker Classic

Man oh man! I am excited for this event in less than 3 weeks! I will have to hop online and practice my SnGs in the upcoming weeks to prep for this event. I think I'm at a slight disadvantage because I do not play online at all and I'm not used to playing Sit and Gos. Alas, I can't worry about that. Poker is poker... and I'm playing in this for the sheer fun and joy of playing cards with real intelligent players. I can only get better playing against the best that the blogging world has out there!

The Opening Lines... at the Pauly Sports Book... for the Grublog Poker Classic:

HDouble 3-1
The Penguin 4-1
Iggy 9-2
Grubby 5-1
London Froggy 8-1
Pauly 10-1

I dunno who else is playing... and the lines will be changing everyday. After reading everyone's blog, I think that Iggy has the most experience and you can't count him out of any tournament. But after reading the Cards Speak religiously the past two months, I am cautious to go head-to-head with Hdouble! And Grubby's a solid player who you don't want to mess with... especially after he's been eating Wendy's. Europeans are aggressive players which makes London Froggy a tough man to beat. And alas, beware of hammer wielding Penguins!! More shit talking to come...

By the way, good job Grubby with getting this together! And thumbs up to Iggy who came up with the idea.

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