Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Jerry & Schanzer at the Dog Track

Last night, my buddies Jerry and Schanzer played at the Hollywood Greyhound Track. Schanzer was in Miami for a lecture and they met up afterwards to play some hold'em. Here's what Jerry wrote me:
Last night was fun - we got to the track and were seated - at the same table. Got mostly crap to play early and then took the definitively worst bad beat I have ever had! I am holding pocket 7s and stay in for the flop - a 7 falls with the rainbow and slim straight possibilities - I am happy - I bet and like 4-5 others are still in. The turn is a 10 - we are betting and raising and re-raising. Then the river is a 10 - I have my full house and am fired up thinking someone may have a set of tens - me and this young black lady - pretty cool (we had a fun table for a while - very freindly and easy going) kept raising - so when it's done she turns over her pocket 10s for 4 of a kind!!!! SHIT!! I show my full house and everybody breaks up - but all good natured. About a $50-60 pot in $1-2!

Next hand - I get A-6 and am on full tilt - I call and when an A-6 falls on the flop - I am on it and luckily a few others stay in and I take a nice pot about $20-25. We take a break - come back and I think the second I am holding A-10 and raise (one end of table stayed in all the time 2-3 off; 9-6 off etc) the flp comes down Q-K-J and I got the nut straight - so I work the pot up and a few stay in - I draw it out - check my cards between cards and bets etc. - but keep raising - and take home a $40-50 pot. NICE! I then slowly pissed a bit away playing loose but ended up like $12.50 up - not bad for a late jaunt to the Dog Track on a Tuesday night. I think I won 4 pots all night and only played in about 12-14. Anyway - there is my bad beat tale that luckily was followed by a nice win. By the way, the track was crowded - 11 full tables going. Schanzer ended up down $18 - but he played alot of hands - and went on a nice win streak in the middle - good to see the monkey man - he is coming back down in the end of march hopefully for like 4 days - WHOA - could be time to take him to the Sook!
Bummer about that FULL HOUSE!

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