Saturday, February 14, 2004

Project Greenlight 3

News from Hollywood... the screenplay contest Project Greenlight 3 was officially announced on Monday. The deadline is Feb. 29th!! This year, the series will be aired on Bravo instead of HBO. Same format. Here's what Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and the gang over at Miramax are looking for:
Are we looking for a certain type of screenplay? Actually, yes we are. We are looking for "genre" projects that have a powerful impact, like Horror or Thriller -- projects that really grab the audience's imagination and attention. Of course we will be open to considering other kinds of projects because we appreciate creativity and innovation.
Alas, I will certainly submit something for this event! For the last contest PGL2, my screenplay Charlie's Goldfish almost made the Top 250... but one bad review prevented me from advancing to the next round. Perhaps this year, maybe Matt & Ben will pick a fellow poker player instead of the goofballs they selected for the last two contests.

Alas, should I pen an new script? OR re-submit Charlie's Goldfish? OR should I adapt one of my unpublished manuscripts into a screenplay? I'l llet you decide in a brand new poll:

Yes, I know that Haley had been working on and re-writing her screenplay for over a year!! And she's going to enter as well.

If you do not know... I wrote four manuscripts in the last few years. Three of them have their own blogs! For more information and novel excerpts, check out:

1. Jack Tripper Stole My Dog
2. Sweet Nothing: The Story of Baby & Winky
3. The Blind Kangaroo

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