Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Busy Pauly

I am in the middle of writing a screenplay. Yesterday, I cranked out 50 pages. I am adapting one of my unpublished novels, and so far, I've gotten through 3 of 14 chapters. I don't have much time to blog and play poker this week... and I will update the poker blogger roll later this week. I have at least 5 more blogs to link up. Stay tuned.

Unfocused Pauly

During a break from writing, I hopped on Party Poker and got my ass kicked. I dropped $67 playing NL $25 ring games. I played too many hands. And all my high pairs got cracked. I played like shit. The fish were biting back! I realized the sole reason I played bad was... me. I was seriously distracted, and kept thinking about my script, when I should have been "in the moment" and forgot about alll the mental discipline that I had been developing. Oh well.

Today is a new day. I learned another humbling lesson... do not sit down to play unless I can devote my entire attention to poker.

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