Sunday, February 15, 2004

NYC Poker Babe in Las Vegas, Part II...

NYC Poker Babe is tearing it up in Vegas. She's hitting the tables at the Bellagio during the night, when she should be sleeping! Here's some of what she sent me the other night:
Oh painful night. What started out quite triumphantly ended up ugly. Another night at the poker room at the Bellagio ... three nights in a row... yesterday was a brief 45 minute session as my table mates were just so damn talkative and it was getting on my nerves. This one guy just kept asking me questions about my job and at one point I told him I was done working and I didn't want to talk about my job and work stuff (he too is in Vegas for the shoe convention but is an exhibitor). So I lost a quick $60 and called it a night.

Tonite was a different story. Walked into that room -- no wait (no wait yesterday either). Another 4/8 game... great start... I won two 70 dollar-ish pots almost back to back... it was a beautiful thing. But how can you walk away? I had only played a few hands so I didn't want to leave. But then it got increasingly ugly when my flopped sets would be beaten by a higher kicker (I think that happened 3 times) and some other bad beats. Then my table was a broken table so we (5 of us) got placed at other tables. First hand started well...I had pocket 9s that turned into a set at the river (the other cards were rags and maybe one K). Last person heads up with me folded and I won the pot (about $50). The worst hand (for luck) was when it was heads up and the board was something like J3ATx -- well of course I had the nuts KQ suited (clubs) -- it went back and forth for a million reraises and what happened? Yup, it was a chop. So bummed. I have a great hand at last and I have to split the pot. It sucked!

I still have yet to make a positive return on my money -- but I can't help just playing and learning more and more about the game... I almost signed up for the 100 buy-in no limit game at 1/2 blinds... I might have to try it tomorrow nite.

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