Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Top 10

A few readers asked for the link to site called PokerTop10.com, the one who named the Tao of Poker to it's Top 10 Poker Blogs List... and mistakenly left off Iggy. They were kind to Pauly though, ranking me third. Here's what they said about me:
As a professional writer, you can expect Pauly to be both entertaining and have excellent punctuation. Also, he seems to know poker which is a bonus on this side of the web. He is primarily a brick and mortar player, so you won't find any reviews of online poker rooms in his blogs. We didn't hold that against him in our ranking though. The Tao of Poker is a great spot to check out trip reports and general poker opinions.
I love the "excellent punctuation" part. I'm going to steal that quote for my benefit. It's going on my resume! If it's a toss up between the Harvard grad or the guy with excellent punctuation... well it's an easy choice. And the next time I'm in one of those crowded, trendy, one-word-named bars downtown, I'm gonna saddle up to a leggy blonde, and whisper.... "I'm the guy who've been waiting all night for. I'm the dude with the excellent puntuation. So let's put those exclamation marks to good use!"

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