Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Poker Bloggers Sqaure Off...

Alas, last week Ugarte and Rick and yours truly played on the 19th floor of a Manhattan skyrise. Then... HDouble and Grubby went heads-up on Choice Poker. You can read all about their classic match-up: Here. And a little snippet:
"I've got to let you go, Mr.Grubs," and I got ready to go back to more familiar waters, but I took my last hand in the BB. Ahh, Big Slick, and Grubs raised from the big blind. I reraised, and when the flop came 2 4 4, I felt pretty sure I had the best hand. Grubs bet out, I reraised, and he just called. I figured it would be nice to go out with a bang, and the 7 on the turn didn't worry me too much. The raise war continued, and I started to fear I was up against a pocket pair, so I just called...
And if that wasn't enough, they both played in LA together this past weekend at Hawaiian Gardens and yes, Grubby dropped the Hammer!

And word is out about the Michigan crossover game! With Lord Geznikor and Boy Genius. Here's a mini peek at his write-up of the Poker Blogger Crossover Game II:
"BG's big reason for inviting us, he said, was that he wanted to test his mettle against someone else who cares how good his game is. As it happens, I do care how my game is, because I happen to be a newly-minted poker pro... There ended up being two tables, one of seven and one (ours) of six. As luck would have it, BG, Gil, and I all ended up on the same table, along with one player who was OK but was getting drunk, one person who had a clue..."

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