Sunday, March 07, 2004

Mean Gene, Phil Hellmuth, Milan Kundera & Ugarte!

If you haven't read The Unbearable Lightness of Phil Hellmuth... then do so. By the way, it's a great post from Mean Gene. As a Milan Kundera fan, I fuckin' love the title of his post. For you non-writers out there, Milan Kundera wrote one of my favorite novels... The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Here's my favortie part of Mean Gene's entry:
But Phil apparently thinks that he's so interesting that we WANT to see his bedspread, we WANT to see him mediating and brushing his teeth (actually, he's hardly brushing - he merely presses the bristles to his teeth and lets the electric brush do all the work. I have the same kind of toothbrush and I still put in a little of my own effort). I don't understand why we had to see a drooling Phil Hellmuth. Is it because he believes himself so exalted that the common man cannot relate to him, and therefore he shows that, like we mere mortals, he has to take care of common oral hygiene? But maybe Phil isn't a mere mortal after all.
Ugarte's Back!!

Ugarte was away on holiday/business in Paris and Pakistan and returned this week. He finally updated his site with Ugarte's Poker Grovel #14: Lots of Losing. That particular grovel features Ugarte's game in Pakistan as well as Signor Ferrari's write-up of how he did at the NYC WSoP satellite (the same one that Coach played in). Here's a bit:
The play was VERY aggressive. I got dealt shit - and I mean shit - all night. I never once flopped anything to help my hand. I stole a few blinds, but I am not sure if I ever actually won a pot after the flop.
Be sure to read his other post Ugarte's Poker Grovel #15: Getting Ready.

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