Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Bounced, No Bellagio... Pauly's Going on a Bender

71st out of 322. First three places won seats... I was shortstacked went all in with K-10 against A-K. I thought he was on a steal. There was mayhem at my table with someone guy cheating by letting his time expire. I'll elaborate more in the future.

Thanks to everyone who came out and watched. I was doing OK for a while... I lasted 7 levels. I had A-K five times. I was surprised to see so many of my friends and fellow bloggers hop on and watch me play. It felt good to see a little banter or friendly rooting in the chat from my fans. I'm sure I had some more railbirds who didn't join in the chat, so thanks again for your silent support. I all read your words of support in the chat... from my brother, my friend Jerry in Miami... HDouble, Grubby, Al Can't Hang... hey, was BG there for a bit lurking in the shadows? That was awesome to have a cheering section. But alas... I was shortstacked and the winter of discontent was upon me... and it was a matter of time before I got bounced. I'll play in another WPT Qualifier soon, so it's not over yet...

A complete report soon I promise. For now... some demonic howling in the middle of the street ala Howard Dean. Actually, I'll probably be taking a few days off to brood over my four costly mistakes. I haven't had a good old fashioned bender in a while... the serious mind-numbing bender like Hemingway or Hunter Thompson would unleash.

The last good bender I went on... I started drinking at a bar in SoHo. I met two Icelandic Stewardesses with my buddy Senor and we started drinking shots of vodka before we took them bowling and three days later I woke up in a seedy motel in Tijuana that reeked of donkey urine and rotten eggs, with a maxed out credit card, my bowling shoes were stolen, I had an infected tatoo (of the Virgin Mary on my arm), the worst case of cotton mouth, Senor and the ICelandic chicks were missing and a half naked teenaged old girl was passed out in the shower. I still have a rash that hasn't gone away. I'm hoping to win the WSoP so I can get enough money to get the Virgin removed from my bicep.

I'll be back after I sober up a bit and/or get bailed out of jail.

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