Wednesday, March 17, 2004

WBT II Reports

I read a couple of good reports from last Wednesday's WBT II: The Iggy Classic. Chris Halverson had a hilarious WPT intro to his report. Here's a bit of the intro:
Vince Van Patten: How about Pauly "I'm never on tilt" McGrupp or any of the other New Yorkers? Would their East Coast play school the West Coast? Who Knows?! Who cares as long as they have MONSTER HANDS!
And here's some of Chris Halverson's write-up:
The final table was tough, but there were a couple of short stacks. I took it upon myself that I was going to make it to the money and get them out. Luckily I didn't have to do much since Pauly appeared to be slightly on tilt and was going all in like crazy. He says he was fine, but who knows. Who cares, he took a couple people out for me...
And of course Felicia added her write-up to her site. Here's her take on my tilty behavior:
Pauly overextended himself. He started calling all-in's. It is one thing to raise and steal every hand, when it is shorthanded and no one has much of anything, but it is another thing to call an over-the-top raise or all-in, by timid players who don't have enough chips to pull any re-steals or bluffs. Pauly ran up against several superior hands, and lost every one. He went from having us all outchipped several times over, to being one of the shortstacks himself.
Alas, two great write-ups. Excellent job Felicia & Chris.

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