Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Iggy's Poker Bloggers Classic

Tonight is the night! 8 hours from now. I'm getting excited. This time, I did a lot less preperation than last time. Maybe I will play better. Alas, since the last tourney, my time on Party Poker has been limited. I had a family illness to attend to this past week and the week before I was bogged down working on a screenplay. Tonight, my plan is: KISS. The NY Yankees TV announcer Jim Kaat often quotes that... KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid. I shall follow his advice and not get too complex with my strategy and gameplan.

So far there are fifteen signed up with Ugarte and myself representing NYC. Rick Blaine said he's playing, so y'all got three of us New Yawkers to contend with. Rick is looking to revenge his early exit. Me? Well, I'm hoping to make it to the Final Table.

More to come. No odds this time. Sorry Chris! But I can say that with no Mean Gene this time, that Sean and The Fat Guy are strong favorites to make the Final Table again, but they have targets on their backs! Everyone's gunning to knock them out. So it'll be tougher for those dudes. It's safe to say that the usual heavy hitters like Iggy, HDouble, and Felicia will most likely make the Final Table. They have been playing very well recently. Look out for Rick Blaine and Liquid Swords who got bounced early last time. And especially Ugarte who's on a nice run and is bubbling with confidence. Alas... beware of hammer weilding Penguins!! I hope the Poker Penguin can play in this one. There are some newbies out there too (like Al Can't Hang) which can be dangerous. Honestly, anyone can win and that's why we play.

Felicia posted her Over/Unders for the tourney. Check them out.

The only bad thing about playing at my Mom's (I'm a Mac dude and Mom has the PC) is that I can't smoke the wacky tabbacky in her living room. Alas, I'll be sober as a Al Gore on St. Patrick's Day.

By the way... if you have AOL instant messenger, shoot me an IM before, during and after the tourney. My AOLIM = tenzinmcgrupp. I got to chat with HDouble last time for a little bit. OK , best of luck everyone.

I am bummed that I'll miss the new episode of WPT: Foxwoods! But thank God that The OC is not being aired tonight. Y'all almost got lucky. I can't miss The OC for anything!

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