Monday, March 29, 2004

Hey New Guys!

I just posted links to ten new blogs that I just started reading over the past week. Some good stuff. If I don't have you linked up, drop me a line and I'll do my best. I've been behind in my poker blog reading.

I had to catch up on my "I think I might want to be a stripper when I graduate H.S." or my favorite London hooker turned blogger reading. Alas, my interns have been busy. Paris is still away on holiday and two of my NYU interns had some "personal issues". One kid couldn't keep up with my voracious drinking binges and he ended up with a maxed out credit card bill and is now layed up in rehab somewhere in a seculded center in upstate NY. He will be missed. And the other kid never returned home from his Spring Break trip to Hong Kong a few weeks ago. I suspect he was drugged and kidnapped by Chinese organ thieves. Oh well. That's poker, right?

I'll post some mini-reviews and pimp sites a little later this week. Until now, the links have been added.

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