Saturday, March 20, 2004

Saturday Morning Party

I played for my sixth consecutive day on Party Poker. My sessions have been no longer than two or three hours, so these have been hit and run sessions. I hop on and play a quick SNG or hit the no limit ring games. This morning... I dropped $7 playing NL. I was nearly busted and lost my entire $25 buyin after my A-7 top two pair after the flop lost to a A-2 when I pushed him all-in and the guy sucked out a runner-runner straight on turn with a 5 and the river with a 4! I rallied back for a respectable $7 loss. Then dropped $12 in SNGs. I played horrible in those and got knocked out early in both after finishing in the money in my last five. The highlight was getting to play with Jerry in the last one, all be it for a little while until I got bounced.

I'll be back on the tables at Party Poker on Monday. Now it's hoops watching, followed by writing time and work.

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