Sunday, March 28, 2004

Mean Gene KO'd Me with the Hammer!!

Ugh! I just got bounced from Felicia's PJK tourney on planet Poker and finsihed in 13th place out of 21. I was shortstacked and limped in UTG with A-8 suited. Rick Blaine called and so did Mean Gene in the little blind. The flop: A-2-7. The 2 & 7 were spades and I had top pair with a nut flush draw. I went all-in and Rick and Mean Gene both called. Of course, Mean Gene has the Hammer! And his two pair took out Rick's AQ and my A8. D'oh!

Felicia got knocked out on the first hand with QQ. She ran into Grubby's AA. When I left TPFelt was the chip leader.

Thanks to Felicia for setting this up! More to come.

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