Sunday, March 14, 2004

Signor Ferrari's Omaha Hand Quiz

Signor Ferrari sent to me an email before he went to Las Vegas for the weekend. I'll post his answer upon his return to NYC. Here's what he sent me:
You are playing Omaha 8 $2/4. You hold Kh-Kd-Qd-Jc. Seat #7 is you in the button. You are playing in Ferrari's home game. Pre-flop is

Seat 3. F
Seat 4. $2
Seat 5. F
Seat 6. $2
Seat 7. (you) $2
Seat 1. (sb) calls $2
Seat 2. (bb) checks $2

Flop comes Ks-8s-3s. Betting is as follows:

1. $2
2. raise to $4
4. F
6. call $4

What do you do and why?

The answer, according to me, is call. Either explain why, or, conversely, why you disagree. I will post my explanation when I get back from Vegas.
I would probably raise to get the low drawers and guys who missed their flush to pay to see one more card. But my Omaha play is sktechy and that's why I lose too many hands! I would suspect the guy who was in the big blind might have two random suited cards or maybe even two pair... or he had the nut low A-2. Then again... since it's your home game, I would probbaly raise for sure!

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