Monday, March 22, 2004

Bad Beat Central

Someone sent me this link: Bad Beat Central... a place where you can post all your bad beat tales. They are giving away $25 for your best bad beat tale. I could write a novel the size of Super System if I included every bad beat that found itself onto my card table.

Michigan Poker Blogger Crossover Game II

Check out a great write up via Boy Genius. Alas, Lord Geznikor also post a mini write-up of the second Michigan crossover game. Maybe sometime soon, we'll get a NYC-Michigan crossover game going with BG, Ugarte, Rick, Lord G, and yours truly!

Sunday Night PJK Tourneys

Felicia has been working hard trying to set up a weekly tournament on Sunday nights on Planet Poker. For more information visit: Weekly PJK Tourney at Planet where she lists blind structures and necessary signup info.

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