Sunday, March 07, 2004

Sunday Night Blogging

I just read a couple of new poker blogs. If you have a blog and I don't have you linked up, drop me a line. I admit when I'm pressed for time I read only a few, but when I have a solid block of time, I read every one I have linked up. I finally got around to reading these guys:

1. TP's Tidbits is a Canadian poker player. Thanks for the link up.

2. Dead Money = Al Can't Hang sounds like an Iggy disciple! His tagline reads: Random thoughts about Poker and booze. But mostly booze. Anyway, thanks for the link up, Al!

3. Down to the Felt is one of my new favorite sites. Keep up the good work and happy belated birthday!

4. Oprano Poker News is kind of a blog. But they linked me up, so they get a shoutout.

5. I wonder where Chicago Phil is from?

6. Pokerfish 2.0 is a new blogger and I like the name of the site.

7. Casino Gosain is a nother new blog by Ash. His tagline reads: Living, loving, surgery and gambling (not necessarily in that order).

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