Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Rounders Review

Signor Ferrari blogged a reveiw of the film: Rounders to Rick's Cafe. Check out Ferrari's review. Here's a bit:
So . . . is Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) gay? Let's examine the evidence. First, we never see him get it on with Gretchen Mol. Now, admittedly, she appears to be a high maintenance, controlling, "I take law school way to seriously" type. But still, she's kind of cute. Sure, there is a scene where Mike kind of indicates that he wants some action, but he doesn't try very hard. And remember that line about the first time he has felt alive since he got cracked was sitting at a poker table? She sure thought it meant something - and it wasn't that she was making the earth move for him. Then, after Gretchen Mol moves out, Famke Jenssen shows up in a short skirt, collects a $1000 from Matt and then makes her intentions quite clear. Matt turns her down cold. Rick said "now that's discipline." No, discipline is laying down top two pair when you know you are drawing against a straight. Turning down a roll with Famke Jenssen after your girlfriend leaves you is a sign of something else. Finally, at the end of the movie, Mike gets a little too excited over Teddy KGB's butt fucking taunting. Verdict - playing for the other team.
Great review of course!

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