Friday, March 26, 2004

Tuesday Night Poker: Another Ferrari Home Game

The day was switched, but the song remained the same. One new player joined the mix and it was another fun night at Signor Ferrari's.

The Players:
Seat 1: Sam
Seat 2: Rick Blaine
Seat 3: Signor Ferrari
Seat 4:Ugarte
Seat 5: (early shift) Coach
Seat 5: (late shift) Marie
Seat 6: Pauly
Time seems to fly in those games now. I looked up at the clock and noticed it was 9:11pm. I played for over ninety minutes and it seemed like ten. I was down $11.

9:19pm EST... Anaconda was called. I told myself that I've lost too much money playing and bluffing at pots in Anaconda. I decided that I would only play premium hands. First time out... I had four of a kind... 5s! I was dealt three and Sam passed me one. Alas, the pot wasn't too big, but I was a winner.

10:10pm EST... Up $30 after Ferrari called a round of pot limit hold'em. I knew that I had to play tight but aggressive. I had 4-4 UTG and raised pre-flop. A few callers and on the flop... a few high cards, perhaps A-x-J. I ended up heads-up with Ferrari and there was $14 in the pot. I bet the pot limit and he folded. During a round of Omaha 8/b, I took down a huge pot with A-A-Q-Q when there was no qualifying low. Thanks to Annie Duke's Omaha tips... I have been improving my Omaha game... primarily by playing less hands.

10:31pm EST... Heads up with Rick playing hold'em. I raised on the button with 9-4. Rick had 6-6 and played back. I called and caught a monster flop something like A-9-4. I most likley check raised on the turn and he folded right there.

10:42pm EST... Rick gets revenge. I dunno why, but I seem to always be heads up with Rick playing seven card Stud. Either he has the nuts or he's bluffing (sounds like me!). I had rolled up 6s... 6-6/6. Rick had a three card flush showing on fifth street. I was hoping to pair any of my other cards to beat his fullboat... if he wasn't bluffing it. However, when a fourth clubs hit on sixth street, I knew I was fucked... and I should have bailed but I wanted to see one more card. Yep, Rick had an ace high flush and I was down $7 for the night. That pot cost me dearly.

11:07pm EST... Coach left. He had been getting beat up all night and he wasn't getting good cards or helpful flops. I dunno what happened, but it appeared that he got out kicked a few times or had solid starting hands cracked on the river. I think he won one pot all night, which I ended up splitting with him in Omaha. Anyway... our new player, Marie, finally arrived. She played at the Mirage with Ferrari in the previous week, but she only knew Texas hold'em, so we ended up palying a ton of hold'em with Marie in the game, which was fine with me. There was some debate on why Marie did for a living. She had a British accent, but she joked with Rick that she was an actress. I know that Haley has gone hours, days, weeks... speaking in odd dialects... (you know those actor types)... but I pegged Marie for a legit Brit. She definitely knew what she was doing... aggressively raising pre-flop on many instances.

Midnight... the rounds of hold'em were kind. I was up $50 after I won a big hand with Big Slick.

1:03am EST... Heads up with Ugarte playing seven card roll'em. My Queen high flush was no match for Ugarte's King high flush. Ouch.

1:27am EST... Omaha 8/b... I was heads up with Marie and I had the nut straight. She was betting into me with a smaller straight and I just called instaed of going back and forth all night. Then on the next hand, I won a monster pot. My starting hand: A-2-3-5. I took down the entrie pot with The Wheel! It was huge and I was then up $65. But then, I got sloppy. I made a rookie mistake just like when I bet into Ugarte the previous home game when I thought I had a higher full house. I made a similar move. Ferrari had me beat showing... my full house 3 & 7s would never had held up against his higher boat (he showed: 10-10-J-10-X). Plus add the fact he was bluffing the full house and had four 10s! I lost some more cash there and I was lucky to walk away up $26.50 considering I played not so good poker and getting some great cards.

The Final Tally:
Ferrari +186
Ugarte +57
Pauly +26.50
Marie +22
Sam -88
Coach -93
Rick -99
So far to date, I have won +150 since I first started playing at Ferrari's. Count the $50 or $60 that Swish took from me, and add all the bonehead mistakes I made including playing extremely loose like a drunken Ruskie sailor in Anaconda... and I could be up twice as much. The moral of the story: play tighter in general.

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