Tuesday, March 23, 2004

And Sometimes the Dog Bites You...
"Those who excel in war first cultivate their own humanity and justice and maintain their laws and institutions. By these means they make their governments invincible." - Sun Tzu
Time to get my shit together.

Ouch. The last two days I've been getting smoked on the tables at Party Poker. It's been a combination of better competition (playing weekday afternoons vs. weekends), a slew of fist-clenching bad beats, and of coure... Pauly playing looser than a drunken Russian sailor on shoreleave, hopped up on opium and playing No Limit hold'em for Thai Bahts in the sweltering backroom of a salacious whorehouse in Bangkok with the chain-smokin, cat stroking Madame and an insurance salesman from Wisconsin, a heavy-set guy chomping on a fake Cuban cigar and juggling a warm bottle of Singha and two pixie-sized giggling ladies of the night. It was like a bad acid trip, with plenty of A-8 off suits chasing after me. What was I thinking... making some questionable calls like that? Ah, such is my life. The road of Pauly is cluttered with plenty of outlandish mistakes, mangled roadkill, tragic bad beats, broken hearts, and shattered dreams... ahhh, and that's just in the thirty-six hours.

Oh well. I lost more than half the money I won last week, in the last two days, but I will bounce back like I always do and make it back tonight. Signor Ferarri is hosting his weekly game, and both Ugarte and Rick will be there. I expect to be playing a little tighter than normal and stick to the basics. Both Ferrari and Coach had recent trips to Vegas, so I hope to hear some great stories... and some bad beats. More to follow.

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