Monday, March 29, 2004

Ugarte's Purple Haze

Ugarte posted a write-up of Ferrari's home game from last week. It was a great read. He's finally catching up in his poker writing. Check out his other posts.

Anyway, in his latest entry, Ugarte comically compared himself to Joey Knish from Rounders. Knish is a total pothead by the way. He looks completely baked the entire time in every scene. How else could you sit there and grind out rent money and alimony payments unless you're stoned out of your tits?

I got sidetracked for a second. Caught up in Ugarte's haze, eh? OK, so Ugarte also commented on the change in pace of the game when a female showed up. Here's my favorite bit of the last home game:
Fortunately, an angel smiled upon me. Having actually found the felt in front of him, Coach decided to pack it in and just as he left, Marie arrived. Her arrival changed the vibe at the game dramatically and for the better. A pretty girl (um, woman) will do that.

Of course, pretty and dainty aren't the same thing. Nothing says "treat me like one of the guys" like dropping a c-bomb on the table, but that is just what our fair Marie did. I can't even remember the context. All I know is that "cunt" rolled off of her lips in an always-classy British accent and almost knocked me out of my chair.

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