Friday, March 19, 2004

March Madness... Day 1 Update

Visit the Tao of Pauly for a complete Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool update. It was a wild day yesterday. I hit 4 out of 6 of my bets and the local team Manhattan College upset Florida for a kick ass start to my day. So far one of my teams is in first place. Here's a quick peek:
Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool - Day 1 Update:
1 Nietzsche's Bikini Babes (Pauly 1) 150
2 Oyster Bay Orangemen (Joe Moore) 140
2 AlCantHang Entry (Al Can't Hang) 140
2 Capital Jay (Jay Sheer) 140
Let's see if I can hold off the pack, including Al Can't Hang!

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