Thursday, March 18, 2004

NYC Poker Babe in Paris

NYC Poker Babe was in Paris on a business trip. She stopped off at the Aviation Club. Here's her trip report:
The Aviation Club was really tiny. There's just one card room with about 6 tables and I played a 2/2 Euro blinds of dealer's choice... and it was pot limit so I really never had that type of table experience. I bought in for 50euros. At the start there were about six of us playing. I would say four of us would pick hold em. If I wasn't in the blind then I would basically pass on the other games. The guy next to me was kind enough to explain the basics of Omaha hi-lo, Omaha 7, Courcheval and some others that popped up once in a while. On the third hand or so it was hold'em and I flopped top 2 pair. One guy raised the pot to the limit and remember I only bought in for 50 so if I lost then I would have to buy in again... so I was a little nervous. But I called, everyone else dropped out and the turn and river came and then we turned over our cards... he had the top pair and bottom pair and I won. It was around a 130 euro pot. Yes, I could have walked at that point but I was only there for 15 minutes at that point. I got involved in a few hands after that -- it was hard because one guy had tons of chips and since it was pot limit he would sometimes call the pot and it would be 16 euro or more and it wasn't really worth it to me when I really didn't have a lot of chips. So in the end I lost about 80 euro but it was fun. Oh, and at the end it was only 3 of us playing and I don't really like to play short handed so that was tough too.

The club is ok -- not as fancy as you would imagine from the outside. But it was located about 3 blocks from my hotel! After the game this one guy invited me to go to a club with his friends so I went. Nice guy... I meet all types of guys at the poker table. It's so hilarious.
Thanks to NYC Poker babe for sharing. I have never been to Paris... it's the one place I have not wandered to that I really want to go visit... and I would love to play at the Avaition Club. Man oh man. I played hold'em at the Holland Casino in Amsterdam against some scuzzy French businessmen, but that was the closest I ever came to playing poker in Paris.

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