Thursday, July 27, 2006

WSOP Media Tournament and Poker Lifestyle & Expo Pics

I busted out in the first level of the WSOP Media/Celebrity Event. I flopped trips and slowplayed against the big stack. He sucked out a flush. Oh well. I had Zeem and Matt birding me.

Here are some random pics that I took today. Click on the images to see an enlarged view.

Gus Hansen signs with Full Tilt

Peter Alston signing "Take Me to the River"

Paradise Poker and their roller girls

Models doing pillow fights at the BoDog booth

Elvis at the media event

Jen Leo

Linda flips me the bird

Ali from PokerStars Blog

Jay Greenspan

Luckbox with Stan from Poker Player Newspaper

Stephen from Poker News explains how large Ron Jeremy's cock is...

Oklahoma Johnny Hale

Michael Craig taking notes

Jim Garner and Tom Murphy

Ace and CC

Flipchip's chips





Mad's brownie

Tuscaloosa Johnny

Shannon Elizabeth


Dan and Eric

Amy Calistri

Eight Is Enough's Dick Van Patten

Lisa from Poker Listings


Vintage Snake

Howard Swains from the UK Times

Cindy's cleavage

Shannon peeks at her cards

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