Wednesday, July 19, 2006

WPT Lawsuit, Random WSOP Photos, and Event 21-25 Final Table Results

WSOP Champs Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem along with Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Andy Bloch, Howard Lederer, Phil Gordon, and Annie Duke anounced during a press conference at the Rio that they filed lawsuit in Los Angeles Federal District Court against WPT Enterprises.

The suit is against the World Poker Tour and the partner casinos who they allegedly acted in a conspiracy to eliminate competitin and violated intellectual property rights of the players, specifically usage of their images for marketing purposes. This suit also involves the waiver that the WPT forces all of its players to sign if they want to participate in any WPT events.

I don't know if anything will come out of this aside from some publicity for the player's stance. But it's good to see those seven players stand up and call out WPT and their posse of casinos for their sketchy behavior.

Check out Poker Prof's Las Vegas and Poker Blog for more info on the press conference including photos.

Also there's a WPT Lawsuit site up.

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Jen Leo poked my junk at the Hooker Bar last night. She had been knocking back double Lebowskis (White Russians for you non-Lebowski fans) for a few hours before the penis poking incident.

That gives me an idea...
What Does the Poker Media Drink at the Hooker Bar?
1. Otis: Coronas
2. Pauly: Red Stripe
3. Jen Leo: Double Lebowskis
4. Dan Michalski: Scotch
5. Amy Calistri: Red Wine
Good news for all of you Oliver Tse fans... he was not banned and does have a press badge. He's been lutking around the media room.

Here are some photos from today's PL Hold'em event:

Aussie Sarah

The Champion ponders a call

Vanessa stare down

Joe Hachem sports a Johnny Cash look

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Here are the results from the last few WSOP events:
Event 25 $2K NL Shootout
Number of Entries: 600
Total Prize Money: $1,092,000
Defending Champion (2005): None

Final Table Results:
1. David "The Dragon" Pham (Cerritos, CA) $240,222
2. Charlie Sewell (Oklahoma City, OK) $124,488
3. Roland DeWolf (London, UK) $65,520
4. Reno Williamson (Mooresville, IN) $49,140
5. Chad Layne (Henderson, NV) $43,680
6. Jason DeWitt (South Bend, IN) $38,220
7. David Bach (Athens, GA) $32,760
8. Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf (Los Angeles, CA) $27,300
9. Adam Kagin (Henderson, NV) $21,840

Event 24 $3K Omaha Hi/Lo
Number of Entries: 352
Total Prize Money: $971,520
Defending Champion (2005): None

Final Table Results:
1. Scott Clements (Mt. Vernon, WA) $301,175
2. Thor Hansen (El Segundo, CA) $155,443
3. Brent Carter (Oak Park, IL) $77,722
4. Martin Corpuz (Mountain View, CA) $68,006
5. Ron Matsuura (San Jose, CA) $58,291
6. Phil Hellmuth (Palo Alto, CA) $48,576
7. Peter Costa (Las Vegas, NV) $38,861
8. Stephen Ladowski (Toronto, ON Canada) $29,146
9. Alex Limjoco (Orange, CA) $19,430

Event 23 $3K Limit
Number of Entries: 341
Total Prize Money: $941,160
Defending Champion (2005): Andre Boyer

Final Table Results:
1. Ian Johns (Seattle, WA) $291,755
2. Jerrod Ankenmen (Avon, CT) $150,586
3. Javier Torresola (Tempe, AZ) $75,293
4. Theo Tran (Las Vegas, NV) $65,881
5. Mark Newhouse (Chapel Hill, NC) $56,470
6. Tad Jurgens (Chandler, AZ) $47,058
7. Brendan Taylor (Henderson, NV) $37,646
8. Ben Robinson (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) $28,235
9. Fi Tran (Los Angeles, CA) $18,823

Event 22 $2K NL
Number of Entries: 1,579
Total Prize Money: $2,873,780
Defending Champion (2005): Erik Seidel

Final Table Results:
1. Jeff Madsen (Los Angeles, CA) $660,948
2. Paul Sheng (San Francisco, CA) $330,485
3. Julian Gardner (Manchester, UK) $172,427
4. Troy Parkins (Leesburg, VA) $132,194
5. Robert Dylan Cohen (New York, NY) $112,077
6. Robert Bright (Las Vegas, NV) $94,835
7. Michael Chow (Honolulu, HI) $83,340
8. Billy Duarte (Berthold, CO) $71,845
9. John Shipley (Solihull, UK) $60,349

Event 21 $2,500 Short-handed NL
Total Prize Money: $1,702,000
Defending Champion (2005): Isaac Galazan

Final Table Results:
1. William Chen (Lafayette Hill, PA) $442,511
2. Nath Pizzolatto (Houston, TX) $238,280
3. Michael Guttman (Melbourne, Australia) $139,564
4. Dan Hicks (Valrico, FL) $107,226
5. Alex Bolotin (Brooklyn, NY) $78,292
6. Harry Demetriou (London, UK) $58,719
7. Harold Cohen (Los Angeles, CA) $48,507
8. Peter Jetten (Toronto, ON Canada) $43,401
9. Greg Merkow (Plano, TX) $38,295
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Here are some more photos from today:

Lacey Jones


Johnny Bax and Chris Bigler

Deep stacks

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