Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fox Sports Article and Bloggers at the WSOP

I wrote another article for Fox Sports called First Impressions: 2006 WSOP. Take a peek.

Here's where I pimp my fellow bloggers and members of the media who are busting their ass at theis year's WSOP.
Flipchip's WSOP photos at Las Vegas & Poker Blog
Pauly (your hero) at the Tao of Poker
Otis and Wil at PokerStarsBlog
Dan Michalski at Pokerati
BJ Nemeth
Justin at Poker Pages
Spaceman at Bluff Radio
Foiled Coup at Pokerfolio
Lou Krieger at Hold'em Radio
Vanouver Jen at Poker Listings
Jen and Snoopy at Blonde Poker
CC at Quest of a Closet Poker Player
Storm and Jay Greenspan at Full Tilt Poker
Jen Leo & Amy Calistri at Breakfast Club Poker
Earl Burton, Steve Lavalli and Stephen Noh at Poker News
Chris Newton, Amy, Jen, Change100, April, Tuscaloosa Johnny at

Here's a list of some pros/semi-pros who have been blogging about their WSOP experiences:
Liz Lieu
Sarah Bilney
Shirley Rosario
Brandon Schaefer
Carl Olson
Richard Brodie
Chris "Triple Draw" Fargis
Dave "Donkey Hunter" Wong
Daniel Negreanu
Paul Phillips
Mike Goodman
Since the official live coverage is sketchy, stop by any of the above links for more WSOP coverage. And don't forget to check out Flipchip's WSOP photos.

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