Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot or Not? A WSOP Conversation with Foiled Coup and 5251

When Sarah Bilney registered for Wednesday's PLO event she asked how many people already bought in for the main event. She told me... 5251.

Foiled Coup and I walked around checking out all the girls that worked the hospitality suites at the WSOP. Here are excerpts from our conversation which I had been secretly recording.
Pauly: I want to know, who has the hottest women working in the online poker room hospitality suites?

Foiled Coup: Why I think they're all 8s out of 10s. But if you like the tall, slim ones, I'd say Ultimate Bet. There's a particular favorite of mine like if you like the continental ones Visit Doyle's Room. They have Russians and a girl from Holland who's my favorite. Full Tilt has some good ones. They all do. They hired models who are taking summer vacation. There's no disappointments there. They're much better than the Sapphire girls who are skanky strippers down the corner.

Pauly: The Ultimate Bet girls are hot but they look like they're 16 or 17 years old.

Foiled Coup: In England, well... that's OK. As long as no one finds out or if they don't have big older brothers with guns or anything, you're OK.

Pauly: Well in America we're civilized. You go to jail for that aberrant behavior. I thought they didn't have any guns in Europe or England for that matter?

Foiled Coup: It's getting worse.

Pauly: The Doyles Room girls wear short jean skirts, cowboys boots and tight white t-shirts that say "Doyle's Room." Do you think Doyle picked out the outfits or personally designed them?

Foiled Coup: He approved them. They're going for the cowgirl image. Although most of those girls look like they've never been near a farm, unless they were having sex in a field late at night or something.

Pauly: You said that Doyles Room has that continental look to them. Don't you think that's an interesting contrast against the cowgirls look?

Foiled Coup: I guess. It's the exotic cowgirl look. I think they're chosen for their legs. They all look good in those short skirts.

Pauly: UB wears dark clothing but they are tall and skinny girls.

Foiled Coup: They're covered up now wearing long sleeves in UB sweatshirts and pants today. They are all very nubile.

Pauly: I heard a rumor that you take ice cream out of the UB suite and bring them to the cow girls in Doyles Room suite?

Foiled Coup: I give it one of the girls in Doyles Room. Yes.

Pauly: Is it because it makes their nipples hard?

Foiled Coup: (Laughs) This one said she was a vegan who didn't drink milk. But she gobbles down an ice cream every afternoon.

Pauly: Maybe she doesn't know there's milk or animal products in ice cream?

Foiled Coup: This one looks pretty smart.

Pauly: What's up with the stuck up girls at BoDog?

Foiled Coup: Hot. I do any of them. Plus Shannon Elizabeth hides out in the suite.

Pauly: Have you seen any cat fights between any of the different chicks? Let's say the Full Tilt girls got into a slap fight with the girls from UB?

Foiled Coup: I wish. If I had any pictures, I would have put them up on my site already.

Pauly: How come PokerStars doesn't have any chicks working the room?

Foiled Coup: I think Otis scared them off. (Laughs)

Pauly: Who needs models when you have Isabelle Mercier?

Foiled Coup: And Vanessa Rousso. She's a hottie.

Pauly: But has she given you a double kiss?

Foiled Coup: Ummm... no.

Photo stolen from Pokerati. Thanks Dan!

Pauly: What's up with the Milwaukee's Best chicks? They rate high on the "skank-o-meter"...

Foiled Coup: They are like porn star hot. Not as nice looking as the girls from Doyle's Room. Maybe some of them used to live at the Redneck Riviera? Do you recognize any of them?

Pauly: The Milwaukee's Beast girls have more teeth than the crack whores who lived in my building complex.
By the way, the above photos were taken by Foiled Coup.

* * * * *

In WSOP news... Chau "Chow" Gaing busted in 3rd place in the PLO with Rebuys while David "The Dragon" Pham and Rafael Perry won bracelets on Tuesday.

I won $20 from Change100 in a prop bet. While standing in the hallway of the Rio convention center (just outside Doyle's Room hospitality suite) I offered to throw an empty bottle of water into a trash can on one side of the hallway while I stood on the other side. She quickly agreed. It was the easiest $20 I won that day.

The guys at Wicked Chops Poker took me to task for tooling on CP's coverage. Read what those geniuses had to say about it. I can't wait for those dudes to show up at the Rio.

The WCP guys also did an excellent interview with Carmel Peteresco. Lucky fuckers. Take a peek at that.

And if you want to get Otis on Mega-Isabelle-Tilt, stop by Poker Stars Blog and look at the photo of Wil and Isabelle then send Otis an email and ask him why there's no pics of him and Isabelle on the blog?

In a drunken stupor at the Hooker Bar, Jen Leo said that I never link to her blog.

By the way, I met Wil's wife today. We were all drinking at the Hooker Bar during dinner break and they stopped by. Otis hit quad Jacks playing video poker, just like Carmen did last week. Sarah Bilney wandered by and she was excited to meet her favorite blogger... Change100.

"I read you everyday!" Sarah said as Change100 blushed beet red.

* * * * *

My buddy TrumpJosh recently recorded a jazz classical album. Take a peek at Cornet Fantasie.

Gavin Smith wanted me to remind you about For Peyton.

Flipchip wrote up a review of Binion's Poker Room. Check that out along with his 2006 WSOP Photos.

If you are a bonus whore, PokerStars has a reload bonus that is only eligible to anyone who plays in the $200 + 15 Sunday Million tournament on July 23rd. The bonus is 50% up to $100. An exclusive bonus code will be mailed to you within 48 hours of playing in the tournament. In order to clear the bonus, you must earn 10 FPPs for each $1 in bonus money. This is valid from July 24th at 12:01 AM ET until July 30th at 11:59 PM ET.

By the way, I think I found a pic that will be my new PokerStars avatar...

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