Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bloggers at the WSOP and Liz Lieu Tuesdays

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. So many amazing things happened over the past week here at the Rio and I have not yet had the opportunity to write about all of it. One of my favorite players, the Italian Pirate Max Pescatori won a bracelet only a few hours after his home team Italy won the World Cup in a shootout.

Other notables won over the past week. Sammy Farha, Bill Chen, Allen Cunningham, and David Williams took home bracelets. Then on Sunday the Rio hosted the largest ever Ladies Only event. I'll write up a review of the past week of action in a day or so. I have three looming deadlines this week for Fox Sports, Poker Player Newspaper, and Poker Pro and those take priority.

With 100+ poker bloggers invading Vegas this past weekend (and several still in town) along with the $50K Horse event starting on Wednesday, I have very little time to do catch up work.

So I'll make it up to you with a "never-seen-before" pic of Liz Lieu. After all, it's Tuesday at the Tao of Poker which is Liz Lieu day!

Liz Lieu
(Click to enlarge)

* * * * *

OK my liver is killing me. I call that the AlCantHang effect. With all the bloggers in town, I drink and party more than I should. Last June during our get together, I held back and didn't have as much fun. This year I didn't hold back. I was so exhausted at one point I fell asleep at a Pai Gow table.

But I managed to take a handful of bloggers to the Hooker Bar with me and Otis on Monday night. Wil and Iggy joined us too.

"I love seeing Aunt Maudie sitting at the Hooker Bar," Michalski said as he walked over.

Some more random thoughts on the bloggers...

Congrats again to F Train for winning Saturday's epic tournament. I always said that he was the best player in the Blue Parrot homegame in NYC and this confirms it. I heard he lost half his winnings at the craps table.

On Sunday, I watched a taping of the Poker Dome featuring Jen Leo. About twenty Jen Leo fans packed the studio audience to root her on. I can't say how she did, but if you tune in on July 23rd you can see what went down. It was a ton of fun and thanks to Jen and John for inviting me.

By the way, I have to mention the CBGCs. That's an acronym for Canadian Butt Grabbing Chicks. They (Kat & Jules) were out in full force on Friday night as the dynamic duo whipped up a frenzy of drunken gropery. Poor innocent Garth was subjected to the CBGC tag team at the bar in the sports book at MGM. I haven't witnessed such horrifying sexual abuse since Jodie Foster's rape scene on the pinball machine in The Accused. I got caught up in their maelstrom of ass assault as well and survived unscathed. I enjoyed every second of it and definitely popped a half-wood. You're not officially famous until you have had both your junk and ass grabbed in the same bar in Las Vegas. I have arrived.

The CBGCs magical powers must have infected other female bloggers. At one point, my buttocks were groped by Maigrey, April, Veneno, Aunt Maudie and Change100. Dan Michalski copped a feel too, but we'll talk about that in a future post. And yes, I popped a wood that time too.

Amy Calistri has the best cleavage in poker. Nuff said.

Grubette made her first appearance at a blogger's event. She charmed everyone that met her. Just ask Michalski who got bluffed out of a pot from Grubette when she pushed all in with the Hammer. She's equally as cool as Grubby and they are my favorite brother-sister gambling duo.

Iggy puked in a garbage can at the Castle. I wish we had a pic. Chad Pukearama didn't puke this trip like he did after the Playboy Mansion.

I lost all the money I won off of Mrs. Head playing Roshambo. She's a shark and should be avoided at all costs. She let me win the first two then suckered me in for the rest of my Roshambo bankroll. I started doing "coinflips for a buck" with her and went 1 for 152. Man oh man. She's the prop bet queen.

Human Head had us in stitches after he told us the story about getting yelled at by his drill Sergeant during his stint in the Army. His head was too big so they couldn't find a field cap for him so it was on back order for three weeks. Every morning he got chewed out.
Sgt: "Why don't you have your field cap on, private?!?!"
Head: "Sir, because my head's too big, sir!"
DoubleAs would tell people that he was in town for the RV convention. I thought he was making that up, then I just walked past one of the other convention spaces here at the Rio and saw that there was indeed an RV convention in town.

I hung out with Brent Stacks and Sean from Lord Admiral at the Sherwood Forrest Bar. I've never met those guys but feel so close to them. Good to have imported beers with some of my favorite canucks. Whenever I mentioned a Canuck beer that I liked they rolled their eyes. I thought Moosehead was a Canadian favorite?

Sox Lover and I played Pai Gow at the Castle on Sunday night. We had a crazy Eastern European dealer who talked smack the entire time. He looked like Kevin Spacey (ala Lex Luthor with glasses) and made fun of you when you lost. He and Sox Lover were jawing back and forth. Whenever we'd win, we yell, "Ship it, bitch!"

Thanks again to April for setting this amazing event up.

Check out Flipchip and SpecialK's WPBT Photo Gallery.

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Here are some pics from Monday's $1K NL event featuring some of your favorite bloggers like Brandon Schaefer, Gracie, Wil Wheaton, Chicago Jason, and Double As. You can click on the photos to see an enlarged view.

Gracie playing in the WSOP

Smiling Gracie


Yesterday's event #19

DoubleAs author of Pressure Poker

DoubleAs flips me the bird

Chicago Jason

Lynette Chan



Brandon Schaefer

Gracie's card capper

The Mark

Wil lost in thought

Don't forget to check out Flipchip and SpecialK's WPBT Photo Gallery.

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