Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bloggers in Vegas: Sorta Update

Mostly everyone arrived on Thursday while I was at the Rio covering the final table for the $5K NL event. I eventually ran out a few moments after Hellmuth choked in an attempt to win bracelet #10. I headed right to the Sherwood Forest Bar where AlCantHang was holding court.

I met Garth. He's the dude with the Australian accent. I still think he's a fake and really from Ohio.

I also met Bill Rini's dad who's a dead ringer for Papa Hemmingway.

I offered Mrs. Head a proposition, "You wanna make $14 the hard way?"

We settled on one hand of Roshambo. I knew she knew that I was gonna go rock, which mean she was going paper. Guess what? She went paper and I went scissors. I won $14. Pauly 1, Mrs. Head 0.

Later that night/early morning Iggy and F Train were doing Roshambo throws for $100 a pop.

On Saturday, I played poker at the Castle. We had a blogger table that included Maudie, Derek, Joe Speaker, Hoyazo, Change100, Joaquin, and Zeem. I might be missing someone in there. Chad was sweating me on the rail and I showed him my hands via the Pauly cam. Derek cracked Change100's A-A with 2-2 and she spun the wheel.

Went to dinner At Ferrara's with Derek, Iggy, StB, and Change100. We ate gelato. On our way out, I got to use Grubby's Diamond card which put us to the front of the crowded taxi line. We headed to the MGM for mixed games. I got my ass squeezed by Veneno and Jules. I think Kat copped a feel too.

Then SirWaffle showed up. He asked me, "How do you spot the hookers?"

I met for the first time: Miami Don, Carmen, Tokyo James, Mattazuma, Blinders, Poker Gnome, Jules, and Kat.

Grubbette arrived and I hung out at the bar and drank by the sports book. I had another round of Roshambo with Mrs. Head. I went rock. She went scissors.

"Ship it!" I screamed.

Pauly 2, Mrs. Head 0.

That's it for now...

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