Saturday, July 29, 2006

WSOP Main Event 1B

Yesterday marked the first of four Day 1s and out of 2,138 players Francis Cipriano emerged as the chipleader with $123,200. Ken Jacobs is second with $119K while Irishman Paul McCaffery is third with $110K. Mark Vos and Jeff Lisandro are in the Top 15 in chips.

There are some issues with official chip counts and everywhere I look they have different numbers. This is a clusterfuck. Last year, I'd check Poker Wire but I don't have the same confidence in that site this year. As soon as I can get verified numbers, I'll post them.

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Day 1B kicks off with another 2,000 players including alternates. There are several pros expected to play today such as Billy Baxter, Amanda Baker, Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, David Chiu, Mike Caro, Dave Colclough, Allen Cunningham, E-Fro, Thor Hansen, Phil Hellmuth, CK Hua, Phil Ivey, Johnny Bax, John Juanda, Howard Lederer, Jason Lester, Paul Maigrel, Morgan Machina, Greg Mueller, Padrig Parkinson, Steven Paul-Ambrose, Pat Poels, Jose Rosenkratz, Joe Sebok, Gavin Smith, Dewey Tomko, Devilfish, Vanessa Rousso, Humberto Brenes, Bill Gazes, Patrik Antonius, Rafe Furst, and Mike Woo.

Bloggers Ryan from Absinthetics, Tuscaloosa Johnny, and Lee Sullivan are also in the mix today. Also, Jan from 50 Outs and Rizen are both playing too.

Lee Sullivan

Stay tuned for semi-live updates and photos and stop by PokerStars Blog to read some of my updates.

* * * * * Live Blogging Updates * * * * *

12:00pm... In a classy move, the suits asked Doyle Brunson to do the famous starting saying, "Shuffle up and deal!" He limped down the center aisle with his solo crutch at his side as the everyone in the room jumped up and gave Texas Dolly a thunderous applause.

12:05pm... Cards are in the air.

12:10pm... Brad Garrett, Dax from Punk'd and Ryan are sitting at the same table.

12:20pm... Recent Elimination: Today's Gigli is Greg Nunley. He had K-K and ran into A-A.

12:30.... Phil "Perfect 10" Hellmuth is at the featured table. Yet in true Hellmthian fashion, he has not shown up yet.

1:45pm... Photos coming. I was on the floor for the past hour snapping pics. I found Shannon Elizabeth and Ron Jeremy. Brandon Shaefer is also playing today.

1:55pm... Doyle Brunson has his A-A cracked by K-K via a four flush. David Williams cracked aces with a set of 10s.

2:00pm... Blogger Update: Ryan is up to 24K and still sitting at the celeb table with Brad Garret and Dax. Tuscaloosa Johnny has 15K in chips after he took a big pot off of Finnish boy toy Patrik Antonius. Johnny turned a set and took about half of his stack.

2:13pm... Hellmuth finally arrives.

2:23pm... Accroding to CJ, Hellmuth took a huge hit. In two hands his JJ ran into QQ and his KK ran into AA.

2:25pm... Recent Elimination: Johnny Bax is out.

3:00pm... WSOP Photo Dump: Feel free to click on the photos to see an enlarged view.

Humberto Brenes

Phil Ivey

Brandon Schaefer

Texas Dolly

Joe Sebok: Prop Bet Loser

Tao of Poker's Blonde of the Day: Mandy Baker

The Life of Gavin

Shannon Elizabeth

Ron Jeremy


Louise Francoeur

Vintage Caro

Fabrice's cardcapper

Hat of the Day: Christmas in July


Paul Azinger

3:15pm... Random Blogger Updates: Tuscaloosa Johnny has 16K. Ryan has 20K. Louise Francouer is someone I met at the Borgata in January. She's friends with Borgata's TD Tab Duchateau and went deep in the Borgata Winter Poker Open. She also made the final table of the Borgata's Ladies Event. She took a hit early today and was down to just 200 in chips. She tripled up and now has 4K.

3:30pm... Recent Eliminations: Tiffany Williamson is out. Last year she was the highest finishing female. This year, she's toast on Day 1B when her 10-10 ran into K-K. Lee Sullivan is also out. She flopped two pair and lost to a straight.

4:20pm... Smoke break.

4:30pm... Recent Eliminations: Paul Darden and Phil Hellmuth are both out. CJ told me that a fan was heckling Hellmuth at the featured table when his A-Q lost to 7-7. Hellmuth walked over to him and said, "You got some real class, pal."

4:45pm... Recent Eliminations: Shannon Elizabeth just busted. Gavin Smith is out. He told me to blog about For Peyton.

5:30pm... Recent Eliminations: Carmel Petresco and Greg FBT Mueller are both gone.

5:45pm... Bloggers Update: Tuscaloosa Johnny flopped quads with 2-2. He's got 32K and counting. Ryan has 18K. Jan from 50 Outs has 12K and has been card dead all day. "9-3o is my new favorite hands," he said. He perked up when his wife Katja stopped by to sweat him.

Vanessa Rousso

6:00pm... Recent Eliminations: Alex Prendes and Corey Cheresnick have been busted.

6:30pm... Recent Eliminations: Ron Jeremy is busted, but he banged two Milwaukee's Beast chicks on the way out. Hey, that guy's done more beaver hunting in one afternoon than I have done in my lifetime. Also busted are Steve Diano and Mel Judah.

6:50pm... Players are going on dinner break. Be back at 8:20pm.

8:30pm... Bloggers Update: Tuscaloosa Johnny has 32K in chips and moved to a new table where he's the big stack. Ryan has 28K in chips.

8:35pm... Recent Eliminations: Bard Garrett busted out just before the break.

8:50pm... European Update: My sources on all things British, Snoopy & Jen from Blonde Poker, told me that Askay "groupco" Kumar and Jeff Burke lead the Brits with almost 50K in chips.

9:00pm.... Recent Eliminations: David Singer's K-K ran into pocket rockets. Brad "Yukon" Booth busted out as well.

9:15pm... Recent Eliminations: Evyln Ng busted out when her J-J ran into the Hilton Sisters. Phillipe Rouas is also out.

9:20pm... Bouncin Round the Room: The hallways are clogged with spectators lining up to get into the Amazon Ballroom. It resembes the lines out in front of various clubs on the Strip like at Jet, Pure, or Tao. A big-ass hulking security guard wearing a shit-stained color shirt doesn't let anyone in until he's given the go ahead. Players who have their main event tickets get inside the big wooden doors. The security guards check every media rep's badge. The hallways are more congested than before, bit that's OK, because walking around inside is much more manageable.

9:30pm... European Update: According to my Irish sources Tom Murphy from antes Up, Niall O'Callaghan is leading at attack of Irish players with 26K. Murphy described O'Callaghan as "one of the best tournament players from Ireland."

9:44pm... Recent Eliminations: Doyle Brunson was eliminated and left the room under a thunderous applause. He had 9-9 but ran into Ks-10s when his opponent flopped trips and slow played them.

9:50pm... Bloggers Update: Brandon Schaefer chopped a pot with A-Ks. He was all in on the flop with Ace high and went up against Big Slick. He has 34K in chips. Fuel55 has $6K. Ryan has $18K in chips.

10:00pm... Askay "groupco" Kumar has 70K right now and is one of the chipleaders.

Askay "groupco" Kumar

10:20pm... Recent Elimination: Miami John Cernuto is out.

11:00pm... Nothing to report. I've been catching up on work and watching Vanessa Rousso play as an assignment for PokerStars. Lucky me. I'm digging her cleavage today.

11:30pm... Recent Elimination: Ryan has 25.7K. Tuscaloosa Johnny has 41K. Brandon Shaefer has 36K. Take a peek at Ryan's blog to read his WSOP updates.

11:40pm... Recent Elimination: According to CJ, Howard Lederer is out. Around 1,250 players remain.

12:00am... Yesterday Minh Nguyen didn't show up and he was blinded off. Today, that distincon goes to Clayton Davis. He's been sitting at Jan's table.

12:11am... Recent Elimination: Vanessa Rousso is out along with Joe Sebok and Barry Shulman. Vanessa had a short stack for most of the time after the dinner break. She was down to a couple of hundred when she pushed all in with A-9 and ran into pocket nines.

12:30am... Here's a few pics I took after Midnight.

The action

Cowboy of the Day

Tao of Poker's Cleavage of the Day

12:45pm... Jan from 50 Outs had his Kings cracked on the river. He had over $30K and now sits with $10K.

Jan-Christoph von Halle

1:00am... Bloggers Update: Tuscaloosa Johnny has $26K.

1:45am... Recent Elimination: Patrik Antonius is out. Men the Master sucked out on the young Fin. With A-Q Antonius flopped top pair but Men the Master caught running Kings to send him to the rail.

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