Sunday, July 30, 2006

WSOP Main Event Day 1C

We're back for flight 3 of Day 1. We're not even halfway through the field and I'm exhausted. About 1,750 players remain from the original 4,300 players who bought in for Day 1A and Day 1B.

Check out Flipchip's WSOP Day 1B photos. And stop by PokerStars Blog to check out coverage of PokerStars qualifers and players.

Eric Sonstegard ended Day 1B as the chipleader according to Poker Wire. Those numbers are unconfirmed and should be taken lightly. Here's the Top 10 chipcount from Day 1B according to Poker Wire:
1 Eric Sonstegard 83,000
2 Theo Tran 82,950
3 Al Barbieri 82,000
4 Allen Cunningham 81,000
5 Nicholas Montuori 80,000
6 Eric Peters 70,000
7 James Crowshaw 69,000
8 Eric Weiner 67,000
9 Ayaz Mahmood 64,000
10 Adam Sweet 63,000
Bloggers Ryan and Tuscaloosa Johnny survived Day 1B and have about 40K in chips a piece.

Several top names busted out on Day 1B including Doyle Brunson, Paul Darden, Phil Hellmuth, Shannon Elizabeth, Gavin Smith, Vanessa Rousso, Carmel Petresco, Greg "FBT" Mueller, Ron Jeremy, Johnny Bax, Howard Lederer, Joe Sebok, Patrik Antonius, Steve Diano, Mel Judah, Bard Garrett, David Singer, Eveyln Ng, Miami John Cernuto, and Barry Shulman.

Day 1C features Lynette Chan, John Gale, Steve Dannemann, Antonio Esfiandari, Mark Gergorich, Sweet Svetlana, Hasan Habib, Melissa Hayden, Dan Heimiller, Greg Raymer, Daniel Larsson, Nam Le, Tuan Le, Mike Matusow, Karin Jett, Minneapolis Jim Meehan, Neil Channing, Tony Holden, Tom McEvoy, Robert Mizrachi, Jordan Morgan, David O'Callaghan, Carl Olson, Lacey Jones, Chris Bigler, Jen Harman, TJ CLoutier, Phil Laak, Paul and Keith Sexton, and Steve Z.

* * * * * Live Blogging Updates * * * * *

12:01pm... Penn & Teller did the opening call of "Shuffle up and deal!"

12:05pm... Cards in the air.

12:10pm... Gigli has been issued. First player is out.

12:25pm... Tuan Le nearly doubled up when his J-J held up against K-Qs.

12:30pm... WSOP Pics: Here's a random picture dump. Please click on the photos to see an enlarged view.

Jeffrey Pollack with Penn & Teller

Vintage TJ

Carl Olson

Action Bob

Tao of Poker's Blonde of the Day: Lacey Jones

Trish from Toronto

Lynette Chan

Steve Dannemann

Vintage Meehan

Jen Tilly

Fish of the Day


Steve Benton

1:15pm... Recent Elimiantion: Sammy Farha is out after a wicked one outer suckout. On a board with all hearts, Farha flopped a set with 9-9 and his opponent flopped a set of 6s. The turn was another six. All the money went in on the river.

1:30pm... Comedian Louie Anderson was in the bathroom talking on his cellphone. He was issued a ten minute penalty for excessive usage of the word "Fuck."

2:15pm... Recent Elimination: Liz Lieu is out. Her K-K were snapped off by 8-9 when her opponent tripped up on the turn. Too bad. I was hoping to do plenty of Liz Lieu updates throughout the day.

2:45pm... Louie Anderson doubled up with 7-7. He turned a full house as his opponent made his OESD. He's has 17.5K in chips and has been clean mouthed ever since.

3:15pm... Recent Elimiantions: Thomas "Thunder" Keller and Hasan Habib are both out.

3:30pm... WSOP Picture Dump: I had been wandering around looking for Jeff Pulver. I realized that he was sitting right next to Action Bob!! Click on the pics to see an enlarged view.

Action Bob and Jeff Pulver

Fans of the Tao of Poker

Thanks to my sponsor Paradise Poker

Happy Barry

4:00pm... Recent Elimination: Jon Bonetti is out. John Phan busted out when his J-J ran into Jan Sorenson's K-K.

4:20pm... Smoke break.

4:35pm... Joe Sebok dressed up like Spiderman today. Here's the pic:

5:00pm... Recent Elimination: Jen Tilly and Jeff "Happy" Shulman are out. Tilly went home via a bad beat and Shulman ran into the Hilton Sisters with Big Slick.

5:45pm... Recent Elimination: Mike the Mouth is out. Matusow flopped a set of 7s but a guy with a King high flush draw sucked out on him. Jim "Krazy Kanuck" Worth is also out. Jen Harman had a tough day. She just busted and had to sit next to that guy who slow rolled a straight flush against her on the feature table. Jordan Morgan is gone also.

6:00pm... Tom McEvoy cracked Aces with a set of Kings when he was all in.

6:05pm... Random Chipcounts: Dario Mineri from Rome, Italy is the chipleader with 56K. Of course CP and Poker Wire don't even have him on the radar. Daniel Negreanu has 40K. We've collected a few chipcounts for PokerStars players over at PokerStars Blog.

Chipleader: Dario Minieri

6:30pm... Recent Elimination: Bob Stupak and Atonion Esfiandari are both gone.

6:40pm... Recent Elimination: Jeff Pulver busted out. His Hilton Sisters ran into Pocket Kings. Action Bob is out. His Pocket Aces were snapped off by K-Qs.

6:45pm... Players are on a dinner break. Tme to head to the Tilted Kilt for pints of Stella as I ogle the kilted clad waitresses.

8:00pm... Bouncin Round the Room: On my way back to the media room, CC told me about overhearing Mke Matusow screaming into his cellphone, "Dude, I just signed 100 bobble head dolls in 10 minutes. I get paid three bucks a doll too."

8:20pm... Players are back from a break. We're on Level 4 and will be playing through Level 6.

9:00pm... Recent Elimiantion: Bruno Fitoussi is now out.

9:20pm... Bouncin Round the Room: After dinner, the TD's allowed unlimited fans access to the tournament floor. For the first time in three days, the floor is super crowded. Fans are standing six and seven people deep in some areas especially around TJ Cloutier and Daniel Negreanu, snapping photos with their digital cameras and whispering into their cellphones. Here's one of my favorite pics of the 2006 WSOP.

I think Daniel Negreanu is somewhere in this photo

9:30pm... Recent Elimiantion: Poker Hall of Famer TJ Clouiter has left the building.

10:00pm... Action has slowed down and I found out that Steve Benton has about 16K after he lost a pot set over set. "I should have lost my entire stack," he mentioned. Lacey Jones started out having a bad day. Since then she's held on and has about $15.5K.

10:30pm... Michael Craig is holding on as one of the shortest stacks in the tournament. He's got 4K.

11:11pm... Recent Elimination: Jean Robert Bellande is finally out. I incorrectly labeled him as busted several hours ago.

Pimp of the Day

11:30pm... "Are you still drinking?" Mike 'LuckyBlind' Lacey asked. "Last time I saw you, you were knocking back a few this afternoon." Sweet Jesus. You know you have a problem when one of the Irish guys are commenting on your drinking. OK, it's true. I was having a very rough day and decided to drink through the exhaustion. It started out with screwdrives around 1:30PM with Otis. Then it continued through dinner brek with a few Stellas. The booze took the edge off and I was defintely a lot less stressed as the day progressed.

12:10am... Recent Elimiantion: 2005 WSOP runner-up Steve Dannemann hits the rail and does not survive day 1.

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