Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NL Traffic Jam, Englbert Spaceman, and WPT Lawsuit

I threw down the gauntlet with Spaceman. Since Grubby's leaving town, I have to take out my prop bet aggression on my friends. I offered Spaceman $100 that he could not sit through an entire Englebert Humperdink concert. He's playing at the Orleans next week. We'll see if Spaceman can get the time off to do the prop.

Amy Calistri discusses the impending WPT lawsuit on her blog.

I can tell when there's a low buy-in NL event at the WSOP based on the number of cars in the parking lot at the Rio. This morning when I pulled in, the lot was packed. The poker valet had filled up by noon and the snooty superstars of poker who showed up late have to park in the lower lots and work up a sweat walking through the lot like the rest of us losers.

I spotted Sarah Bilney in the hallway. She thanked me for linking up her site and blog. She busted out early today. She was talking to Michelle Lewis from Texas who made a final table two weeks ago. Michelle had her A-A snapped off.

I snagged a quick photo of Michalski before he busted out. He knocked out Olga Varkonyi before he was eliminated.

Brandon Schaefer, Carl Olson, Michael Craig, and Blinders are all made the first break. Olson and Schaefer have almost 5K each. Michael Craig is sitting at Perry Friedman and David Skalansky's table.

By the way, Chau "Chow" Giang is the chipleader in the PLO w/ Rebuys event. 18 are left as we begin day two of that event.

Here are some random photos from today:

Tao of Poker Pothead of the Day

JJ Liu playing in the NL Shootout on Monday

Action Dan

Michalski shows off his ladies sunglasses


Sleepy Barry and Gentleman John Gale

Brandon Schaefer

Today's NL event

Michael Craig and Perry Friedman

Texas Dolly

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